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The Challenge Series

by Effective Practice Better Scores

The Challenge Series provides an opportunity for all golfers to compete against each other in practice and it doesn’t matter what handicap level you are. Compete against friends and challenge yourself using the live league tables. Monitoring your personal development in a practice environment is so important to simulate what you do out on the golf course.

Advice and Guidance

Quality practice is essential to improve tournament performance. In each  practice session you must have a score to take away to help your assessment.  Playing a game in every practice session will create a score allowing all

golfers to assess their practice like in a tournament, there is always a number attached at the end of every round. Do the same in practice.

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So many golfers hit a full bag of practice balls and quote ‘I am hitting it good’ the question is can you score good? Results in practice will allow you to measure your progress, Effective Practice creates Better Scores.

How does ‘The Challenge’ by Effective Practice Better Scores work?

Specific games are taken from ‘Effective Practice Better Scores’ book and are available for download. The basis of the game and all instructions are described on the download. Live league tables will be personally updated where golfers will enter their scores from a practice game.

The Challenge Series

Rules and Regulations

The honesty and integrity of our game should be obeyed at all times.

All the information required are attached to the games. The visual pictures will allow competitors to mirror the game set up at your golf club. All the games are designed to last approximately 30 minutes and create fun competitive edge to practice. The specific games involved in the Challenge series are listed below;

Golf Coaching

Luke Donald using an effective practice game to measure his performance. Effective practice played a key part in Luke Donald becoming world number 1.

Luke Donald is one of the best short game and wedge players in the world of golf, practice like a champion it works.

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Negative Pressure – Driving

10 Lives Putting - Putting Pressure

45 Putts – Putting Green

Club Selection Challenge – Chipping Green

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