Driving the golf ball is a key area to reducing your scores; having the ability to find the fairway provides great opportunity to attack the pin and make birdies. 21 Ball Accuracy Adds pressure to each driver hit in practice; the finishing point of the golf ball results in positive or negative points.

  • 21 balls to be played with an aim of hitting the fairway.
  • Points awarded for landing point of the golf ball.
  • The width of the fairway is 20 yards and semi rough is 5 yards wide on each side of the fairway.
  • If the golf ball is in dispute of landing on the fairway, then 2 points are awarded as if it has hit the semi rough.
  • Any golf ball clearly missing the fairway must be recorded as -2 points.

When the challenge is complete enter your score in the form below.  The table will be updated shortly after scores submitted.