Effective Practice Better Scores


Practice games only 45 minutes long simulating a tournament environment  you will never be bored with practice  again with 62 enjoyable practice games covering all elements from driving to short game.

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Effective Practice Better Scores is an ultimate resource for golfers of all levels  and golf coaches.  Managing practice time is an area of the game where coaches and players can make a real positive impact to improve performance. A high number of golfers practice incorrectly and wonder why their performance is restricted with limited improvement.  45 minutes of intense simulated pressure practice is how improvement is gained. Effective Practice Better Scores provides a very positive measurable practice environment testing golfers with clear feedback to help assess your performance.

A round of golf produces a score at the end, the practice round should be treated in the same way, Effective Practice Better Scores.   

I have a clear positive philosophy of coaching and through his book you can learn and simulate the processes he puts all his golfers through to take your golf to the next level.

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