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Driving Range Series

by Effective Practice Better Scores

The Driving Range Series allows an opportunity for all golfers to remain competitive throughout the year. A specific scorecard and games have been designed which can be played at the driving range or your golf club.

The games are designed to work on driving accuracy which plays a huge part in improving your game on the golf course. Accurate driving creates opportunities to play approach shots into the green from the fairway. Creating opportunities from the teeing ground is essential when looking to improve your game.

Having a specific practice game that constantly tests your driving accuracy with a score attached is a great way to develop your long game.

Using this game provides a fun competitive element at the end of a practice session where you can test your accuracy and measure your improvement.  

Play the game, record your results and set a personal bench mark for you to compete against next time your visit the range.

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The Driving Range Series

Rules and Regulations

The honesty and integrity of our game should be obeyed at all times.

The fairway width should be a maximum of 25 yards.

All range distances (Greens) are designed to try and match a driving range. If they are slightly different to the measured yardages to the scorecard, please work as close to the designated yardages as possible.

All results are set as personal targets for players to beat next time they go to the driving range.

The league tables are designed for players to record their results and compare your performance against others.

When recording your results please add your handicap to the league table. This will provide an opportunity for all golfers to compare their scores at handicap level

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