A golfer requires answers to questions instantly, an opportunity to solve a problem with a simple concept/technique sheet at the click of a button. Online instruction or face to face coaching maybe required to fully problem solve.

Seven Golf Academy provides quality information at the click of a button online or in person. Instantly source techniques/concepts on the area of the game you need to improve.

Seven Golf Academy educates and coaches the separation of skills and techniques required for the golf course. The game of golf asks many questions around a variety of different shots and we only get one chance to play the best shot we can.

Players have a habit of practicing for comfort or continuously focusing on golf swing. The skills and thought strategies on a golf course differ from shot to shot. This clearly highlights coaching is required to develop a number of different areas of the game, not just the golf swing.

Seven Golf Academy – Single downloads and package offers

A range of options are available through our shop, from single downloads to a variety of specific package deals to suit your golfing needs and improvements.


Driving the golf ball is different to hitting a six iron. Hitting a six iron is different to controlling a wedge shot. The variety of short game shots around the green requires different thoughts to transfer techniques from a basic chip to a bunker shot. The separation of coaching and practice is essential for improvement.

Instruction and task led coaching form the baseline for your improvement. Seven Golf Academy offers a variety of packages including.

• Instruction – In person or remote access
• Each coaching area has techniques/concepts for improvement at the click of a button
• Task led coaching information
• Practice plans & games
• Online strategy lessons – Simple & effective
• Statistically benchmarks – Measuring tool to assess improvement.

All coaching elements are built around each individual player, targeting improvement in specific areas. Every player has different requirements. Implementing strategies for improvement are clear and simple, no complications.

Let’s find out which area of the game you need and coach you to get better.
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Seven Golf Academ7
PGA Fellow professional


You can subscribe for my Academy7 course, rather than purchase the entire course in one single go.  The Subscription is £14.99 a month for 12 months, for this you will receive each course lesson document.  The course documents will be emailed direct to you after each payment.

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