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Assessing a player’s game and creating player centred practice, helps a golfer improve specific weaknesses. Collecting statistics is part of my performance coaching process to help improve all golfers.

Complete 4 statistic sheets and have your own personal practice plan built for you. A player centred approach at all times!

Practice plans, specific practice plans are built to suit your individual needs from statistic sheets in the performance coaching section.

Competitive games, one off coaching games for only 99p. Practice games are available and designed to a client’s personal preference.

All plans and games will be emailed in PDF format to cater for all your golfing requirements.

Effective Practice Better Scores is an ultimate resource for golfers of all levels  and golf coaches.  Managing practice time is an area of the game where coaches and players can make a real positive impact to improve performance.

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I am fully committed to and have a track record of providing coaching of the highest standard, both as individual and group lessons.

I have worked with Elite international and professional players and my coaching philosophy has created great success on an individual and team basis

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An ultimate online resource for all your golfing needs from technical golf swing coaching to specific individually designed practice plans. All the answers to your golfing questions from a PGA Advanced Professional and Today’s Golfer Elite Teaching Professional.

‘See your game evolve to the next level - Aimed at all levels of golfers and coaches’


‘Effective Practice Better Scores – Game Changer’

‘62 practice games covering all areas of the golf game from putting to driving’

A great way to improve your game in just 45 minutes blocks of practice, hours of practice is not required to improve your game, constructive practice has a positive  impact on improving your tournament scoring.

‘The Challenge & Driving Range series

by Effective Practice Better Scores’

The Challenge & Driving Range Series has been set up for all golfers to compete against each other in Practice Leagues. Comparisons can be made with friends and fellow competitors as members will have the opportunity to rise up the league table watching their performances improve.

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